We provide open fibre access

Swiss4net is the partner for municipalities and cities as well as energy supply companies offering a long-term, risk-free all-round carefree package for the nationwide point-to-point FTTH fibre optic expansion. We currently operate the fibre optic network in Baden, Ennetbaden and Ascona as well as the fibre optic network in Chiasso, Vacallo, Morbio Inferiore and Balerna. We are also currently building the point-to-point FTTH networks in Massagno, Morges, Pully, Unter- and Obersiggenthal and Wettingen.

«The Swiss4net FTTH fibre optic networks in the Ascona, Baden, Chiasso and Pully areas are an indispensable part of the successfully expanding Salt Home's 10 Gbit/s Internet technology and offering our customers nationwide quality and performance at attractive prices.»

Max Nunziata, CEO SALT

«Swiss4net offers unconditional open access to its FTTH networks. That creates real competition, also to our benefit.»

André Krause, CEO Sunrise

«The Swiss4net fibre optic network brings a real competitive advantage. A further key advantage is that with Swiss4net we can pursue the same goals: customer focus and transparency.»

Markus Vetterli, CEO iWay

«The Swiss4net point-to-point fiber optic networks are the source of our competitive advantage as only with such great bandwidth can the might of our services truly be experienced.»

Fredy Künzler, CEO Init7

«In Swiss4net we see a strong partner which enables us to connect our customers very efficiently using their modern point-to-point FTTH fibre optic network. Thanks to this technology, we will always be able to offer the fastest and best Internet service for years to come.»

Karl H. Frankeser, Founder and CEO Ticinocom

«High-performance infrastructure becomes increasingly important in the competiton for the best location. The Swiss4net FTTH network makes a big contribution to increasing the attractiveness of Baden.»

Thomas Lütolf, Development Association Baden

«The Swiss4net FTTH network in Chiasso, Balerna, Vacallo, Morbio Inferiore signifcantly increased the attractiveness of the communities.»

Dr. Corrado Noseda, Director AGE SA

«The contractors hired by Swiss4net for network planning and execution adhered well to the procedures agreed with RWB. As duct owners we were always well informed about the progress of the construction.»

Adrian Fuchs, Board Regionalwerke AG Baden

«Ascona4net's unique fibre optic technology allows us to look to the future and offer the best technology to our citizens.»

Stefano Steiger, Municipal Councillor of Ascona

Swiss4net is backed by Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP, which has experience in this market segment, Swiss Life and a Swiss pension fund.

For the expansion of the Swiss point-to-point FTTH fibre optic networks, we work exclusively with Swiss partners and establish our own local operating company as a public limited company in each municipality or city. These operating companies are wholly owned by Swiss4net Holding AG and are responsible for the planning, construction and operation of the local fibre networks.

Board of Directors

Christopher Ehrke (President)
Roger Heggli
Martin Puder


Roger Heggli


Roger P. Frey

Part of our all-round carefree package is the setting up of a local operating company. This operating company takes care of the planning, the construction and the operation of the point-to-point FTTH fibre optic network. Upfront, we conduct the necessary studies to evaluate the cost and potential of a fibre optic rollout. We then bear the cost for the expansion. In return, we receive the rights of use of the infrastructure or the pipe systems from the municipalities/cities or energy supply companies for the agreed period of time. The rights of use are agreed for at least 30 years.

We are open to all communities, cities and energy supply companies and want to build and operate several hundred thousand connections in the next few years. In doing so, we consistently rely on the point-to-point system according to the OFCOM standard agreement, in which several fibres are pulled directly from the central office to the homes and business premises without being shared. This ensures maximum, constant bandwidths in upload and download and the highest availability at all times.

The Federal Communications Commission ComCom always provides up-to-date information on the fibre optic penetration in Switzerland. It also lists Swiss4net's point-to-point FTTH fibre optic connection:
«Swiss4net is another company that is investing in the construction and operation of local optical fibre networks. Swiss4net is planning, constructing and financing FTTH networks based on P2P architecture in communes and cities where they can lease the duct installations required from the commune or energy provider. Swiss4net now has at least eight local optical fibre networks (e.g. in Morges, Pully, Chiasso, Ascona, Baden and Wettingen). Various telecom providers deliver their services via the networks operated by Swiss4net.» Fibre connections in Switzerland (ComCom)


Advantages for municipalities/cities and utilities
The investments in the expansion projects are borne entirely by Swiss4net. We require neither bank loans nor subsidies. As a municipality, city or utility company, you do not incur any costs for the fibre optic network and you do not assume any financial risks. All you have to do is make your pipe systems available to us and assign the rights to use them for the agreed duration. In return, we compensate the municipality/city or utility company fairly for the use of their facilities.

We do not engage in cherry-picking when expanding our FTTH fibre optic networks. All properties within the municipalities/cities are covered. This means that all households and companies benefit from a connection. A municipality/city thus strengthens the attractiveness of its location.

By expanding an FTTH fibre optic network, the municipality or city, together with the energy supply companies, also lays the foundation for future innovations. For example, the glass fibres can be used for smart metering, video surveillance or smart city applications. Considering that within the framework of the Energy Strategy 2050, all energy supply companies are required to convert over 80% of the infrastructure to smart meters by 2027, this basis is not insignificant.

Advantages for the population of the communes/cities
In contrast to its competitors, Swiss4net consistently relies on the point-to-point model, which guarantees the best bandwidths and availability, as the end-users benefit from their own fibres. They do not have to share the fibre connection with other parties, which means that the performance of the network remains stable even during peak loads.

We do not act as a telecommunications provider ourselves, but provide all telecommunications providers with discrimination-free access to our network. This in turn increases the freedom of the population to choose their telecommunications provider and lowers prices due to fair competition for end customers

Compendium Fibre Optic Technology

The most important technical terms - briefly explained

At present, the following telecommunications providers use Swiss4net's point-to-point FTTH fibre networks. As soon as new telecommunications providers are connected, the list will be updated. End customers are free to choose their telecommunications provider and their preferred offer.

Would you like to know more about the point-to-point FTTH fibre networks that Swiss4net has already implemented or is currently building? Then visit the websites of our local operating companies:

GRESB: International top marks for sustainability

Swiss4net and its shareholder attach great importance to sustainability and transparency. This is recognised by the market: in 2023, the company achieved again an excellent 91 out of 100 points in the GRESB sustainability benchmark, the leading international rating system for measuring the sustainability performance of real estate/infrastructure companies and funds. We are very proud of this top result.
The above-average performance in the analysed areas – environmental, social and governance – underlines the group’s commitment to sustainability and transparency. This is very important for the investors Arcus Infrastructure, Swiss Life and a Swiss pension fund, our partners (communities/cities and electricity companies) and of course our customers. Swiss4net intends to and will also build on this in the future.
Swiss4net ernot fulfiledthe expectations in the audited aspects of environment, social and governance, and performed above average compared to the peer group (benchmark average) and again to all GRESB audited companies (GRESB average).

The ESG-Benchmark

In the ESG Benchmark 2023, tangible assets worth more than CHF 6'400 billions gross asset value were put under the microscope. The analysis enables providers to measure their own company against those of the respective peer groups and thus creates a high degree of transparency for all parties involved. The GRESB data is used by hundreds of investors and thousands of asset managers to compare investments across portfolios in terms of sustainability.
Due to annually changing assessments, new questions and weightings as well as supplemented criteria, this year as well the majority of companies often achieved a worse score than in previous years, despite the same performance.

Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

We are committed to protecting the environment, fulfilling social responsibility and acting ethically. The performance is evaluated on a monthly basis.

Two examples:
As of the start of a project, all operating companies of Swiss4net Holding AG use exclusively renewable energy to cover the low electricity consumption of the operation of the point-to-point Fibre To The Home (FTTH) fibre optic networks per active OTO socket and to prevent CO2 emissions.
By training employees in occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection, active accident prevention and sustainable thinking are practised and ensured.
Swiss4net Holding AG Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

Green Fibre

Fibre is not only the best Internet technology with regard to speed and reliability, it is also by far the best for the environment. Fibre has a minimal ecological impact, reduces waste, consumes very little energy and helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
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