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Swiss4net offers all telecommunications providers (“Communication Service Providers” or “CSPs”) non-discriminatory access to their technically sophisticated FTTH fibre optic networks, which are operated according to a 4-fibre point-to-point model. We finance, build and operate sustainable, environmentally friendly and high-performance FTTH P2P networks. To date, Swiss4net has deployed FTTH networks in Chiasso, Vacallo, Morbio Inferiore, Balerna, Baden and Ennetbaden and is currently rolling out networks in Ascona, Pully, Morges as well as Unter- and Obersiggenthal, parts of which are already in service. Once current pipeline projects have been completed, Swiss4net will serve more than 65,000 Swiss households with fibre broadband connections.

Swiss4net is a holding company that aims to finance modern broadband “Fibre To The Home - FTTH” fibre optic networks in small cities and communities in Switzerland. Swiss4net finances their own operating companies that implement the expansion and operation of these FTTH fibre optic networks.

Swiss4net supports their operating companies in the expansion and operation with expertise for these passive FTTH fibre optic networks, which are principally established on a point-to-point connection.

Swiss4net is held by Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP, which is experienced in this market segment.  

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«The Swiss4net FTTH networks in Baden and Chiasso are our competitve advantage.»

Pascal Grieder, CEO SALT

«Swiss4net offers unconditional open access to its FTTH networks. That creates real competition, also to our benefit.»

André Krause, CEO Sunrise

«The Swiss4net fibre optic network brings a real competitive advantage. A further key advantage is that with Swiss4net we can pursue the same goals: customer focus and transparency.»

Markus Vetterli, CEO iWay

«The Swiss4net point-to-point fiber optic networks are the source of our competitive advantage as only with such great bandwidth can the might of our services truly be experienced.»

Fredy Künzler, CEO Init7

«In Swiss4net we see a strong partner which enables us to connect our customers very efficiently using their modern point-to-point FTTH fibre optic network. Thanks to this technology, we will always be able to offer the fastest and best Internet service for years to come.»

Karl H. Frankeser, Founder and CEO Ticinocom

«More than 90 per cent of property owners have their buildings connected to the modern fibre optic network of Baden4net AG - and at no charge.»

Aargauer Zeitung

«Due to having their own fibre optic line, data can be transferred even faster. The majority of households in Baden and Ennetbaden are connected.»

Badener Tagblatt

«A separate, few micro-millimetre thin fibre optic is fed from the data centre, where the data of the providers is received, to each individual. As an analogy to motor traffic: everyone has his own lane on the motorway; there is never traffic.»

Roger Heggli CEO Board of Directors Swiss4net Holding AG

«High-performance infrastructure becomes increasingly important in the competiton for the best location. The Swiss4net FTTH network makes a big contribution to increasing the attractiveness of Baden.»

Thomas Lütolf, Development Association Baden

«The Swiss4net FTTH network in Chiasso, Balerna, Vacallo, Morbio Inferiore signifcantly increased the attractiveness of the communities.»

Dr. Corrado Noseda, Director AGE SA

«The contractors hired by Swiss4net for network planning and execution adhered well to the procedures agreed with RWB. As duct owners we were always well informed about the progress of the construction.»

Adrian Fuchs, Board Regionalwerke AG Baden

Swiss4net invests in the expansion and operation of non-discriminatory, modern broadband fibre optic networks for passive FTTH infrastructures. As a specialist and investor, we pursue the strategy of “best networks & sustainable operations” in small cities and communities. Swiss4net implements the recommendation of BAKOM in the construction and operation of their own passive FTTH infrastructure.

Swiss4net is a niche player in the expansion and operation of non-discriminatory passive FTTH fibre optic networks and, therefore, the only independent driver of free end user competition on the telecommunications market.

Swiss4net offers “open access” and provides their fibres (fibre local loop) and their CO locations on attractive terms exclusively to telecommunications providers with their own active infrastructure on their passive FTTH infrastructure.

Svviss4net promotes competitiveness among telecommunications providers with respect to end users by providing their passive FTTH infrastructure and through their volume of building units (flats/businesses). Ultimately, market independence in end consumer competition (Swiss4net is not a telecommunications provider) contributes to enormous trust and a lot of goodwill.

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GRESB: International top marks for sustainability

In this year’s internationally renowned GRESB benchmark (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), we managed to achieve something that no other Swiss fibre optic operator has achieved so far: a 5-star ranking. In addition, with an overall rating of 85 out of 100 possible points, we also secured first place internationally in the Fibre Networks category.
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Fibre vs. VDSL vs. Cable

Both VDSL Internet (copper) and Cable Internet (coax) are old technologies delivering a fraction of the broadband internet speed of Fibre. Optic fibre is fast, reliable, clean and green: the best and only viable Internet solution for today and for the future.
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Green Fibre

Fibre is not only the best Internet technology with regard to speed and reliability, it is also by far the best for the environment. Fibre has a minimal ecological impact, reduces waste, consumes very little energy and helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
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