GRESB: International top marks for sustainability

Swiss4net and its shareholder attach great importance to sustainability and transparency. This is recognised by the market: in 2023, the company achieved again an excellent 91 out of 100 points in the GRESB sustainability benchmark, the leading international rating system for measuring the sustainability performance of real estate/infrastructure companies and funds. We are very proud of this top result.
The above-average performance in the analysed areas – environmental, social and governance – underlines the group’s commitment to sustainability and transparency. This is very important for the investors Arcus Infrastructure, Swiss Life and a Swiss pension fund, our partners (communities/cities and electricity companies) and of course our customers. Swiss4net intends to and will also build on this in the future.
Swiss4net ernot fulfiledthe expectations in the audited aspects of environment, social and governance, and performed above average compared to the peer group (benchmark average) and again to all GRESB audited companies (GRESB average).

The ESG-Benchmark

In the ESG Benchmark 2023, tangible assets worth more than CHF 6'400 billions gross asset value were put under the microscope. The analysis enables providers to measure their own company against those of the respective peer groups and thus creates a high degree of transparency for all parties involved. The GRESB data is used by hundreds of investors and thousands of asset managers to compare investments across portfolios in terms of sustainability.
Due to annually changing assessments, new questions and weightings as well as supplemented criteria, this year as well the majority of companies often achieved a worse score than in previous years, despite the same performance.

Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

We are committed to protecting the environment, fulfilling social responsibility and acting ethically. The performance is evaluated on a monthly basis.

Two examples:
As of the start of a project, all operating companies of Swiss4net Holding AG use exclusively renewable energy to cover the low electricity consumption of the operation of the point-to-point Fibre To The Home (FTTH) fibre optic networks per active OTO socket and to prevent CO2 emissions.
By training employees in occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection, active accident prevention and sustainable thinking are practised and ensured.
Swiss4net Holding AG Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

Green Fibre

Fibre is not only the best Internet technology with regard to speed and reliability, it is also by far the best for the environment. Fibre has a minimal ecological impact, reduces waste, consumes very little energy and helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
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